To Tweet or Not To Tweet

tweetBy now you’ve well and truely heard about Twitter, and you’ve probably asked yourself this question, should we Tweet or not?  Let’s discuss what it means to Tweet, how long it typically takes, and what you can expect from it.

Why start a Twitter account?

If your wanting to use it just for money making, or to create leads, forget it.  It may come as some surprise but Twitter is a conversation tool.  If you go on shouting ‘Buy, Buy, Buy’ nobody will listen to you.  You need to talk, listen, contribute, amuse, entertain…

Got a spare hour or two?

The more you put in the more you get out.  Being a good listening means you can be a better contributor, and you’ll develop better relationships with those connected to you.   In the same way that people like to be addressed individually, and made to feel important in real life, well the same basic premise should be brought to Twitter.

This means it does take some time.  I’d say probably at least 30 mins every day or two.  The more you can dedicate to it, the better.  If you personally don’t have the time, then start a team Twitter account and share the load.

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What do you do?  What can you offer?

People use Twitter to learn, to connect and to be entertained.  If you remember those three principles and take that approach into your Tweets, then you should be able to gather a good following.  A good following means, a good relationship.  And yes a good relationship might result in a transaction.

So what can you contribute?  Do you have experience that others would love to know about?  Can you impart your wisdom?

How do we get started?

Dip your toe in the water.  Start an account and start listening.  It’s more fun than you think.  The best way to learn about these social technologies is to get going.  There is always somebody to learn from, some company that is doing awesome things, or maybe just some interesting people who say interesting things.

If all else fails…

If you find it’s hardwork getting all these followers and listening to people then just be the son of a famous actor, develop a drug habit, be the star of a hit TV show, and then get sacked, join Twitter, and get a 1 million followers in a day.  Easy.


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