WordPress websites – Just like building a house

I have love grand designs, and I often relate the building of our wordpress websites back to building a house.  So let’s put on the project management hat for a minute and think about how your wordpress website is actually a home.

WordPress website hosting – The Foundations

wordpress websites like building a house

In order to build and maintain a property you need solid foundations.  A nice big concrete slab that can’t be compromised, is going to set the foundation for the whole structure.  That’s no different to your hosting.  If you go cheap on hosting, you websites may just come crumbling down, with security hacks and compromises causing major grievances down the track.

My advice, use a qualified wordpress website specialist host


WordPress is the utility service

All our website builds use wordpress as the CMS (Content management system).  That’s the same as having all your gas piping, electrical cabling, and water systems all supplied and fitted by wordpress.  It provides the basic functionality of the house and makes it livable.


Woo Themes is our modular house supplier

We don’t start with a blank canvas.  We select a modular theme that we know we can develop to suite our clients needs.  This of course, saves money as it saves us time in the website build.  Building a house is no different.  By using a modular house, you can then customise this at a cheaper cost than to completely build everything from scratch.


DIY, painting and interior design

I’ll admit to being a DIY junkie.  My dad owns a Mitre 10 store and I can tell you, I might have been the worst employee ever.  But now you can’t keep me out of the hardware store.  That doesn’t mean I would attempt to paint the whole house, put up gyprock, lay carpets or hang doors.  Ok some of this I have done, and done badly, but I know when I need to call in the experts.

Now you can do the interior and external design of your home, maybe even dabble in some DIY, but you do need a knack for it right?

Just like reading a magazine and deciding that is the kitchen you like, we use other websites and design materials to get a sense of your style.  We think about your industry, your existing brand, or maybe we just take your logo, and we style the website accordingly.

We then use our expert skills, to do everything from painting to selecting what couch goes where.  We then teach you how you can rearrange the furniture, and maybe even splash a bit of colour on the walls, but aside from this we recommend calling in the experts.

So if you are not working with us yet, then get in touch and we can build a new home for you.


Landscaping is social media, search and email

Landscaping is always left to last, and sometimes when people are building houses they run out of money to landscape.  We could draw a similiarity between landscaping and social, search, and email marketing.  It’s all the external pruning, planting, watering and weeding that helps your website grow.

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